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Friday, May 27, 2005

Do you Stress Out About Your Feet, Tummy Or Head Or Are You Relaxed And Comfortable?

I was out on one of my morning walks, enjoying the relaxed serenity of the park puntuated by the beautiful songs of the birds. I met one of my colleagues who is an experienced bird watcher. So I call him my bird watching teacher.

As my bird teacher was helping me indentify the various species of birds, he made an interesting observation.

He mentioned that some birds can be found at the foot or the base of the tree, some in the middle of the tree and others way at the tops of the trees.

I wondered for a moment in a relaxed manner how that relates to my body. I guess the base of the tress would be like my feet. In the middle of the tree would be like my tummy and the top of the trees would be like my head.

Do you pay attention to your feet? Do you pay attention to your tummy or do you live in your head and ignore your feet and tummy?

I will leave this up to you to wonder if you relax and pay attention to your body or ignore some parts of your body and then stress about it.

Cecil McIntosh
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Relax And Release The Stress On Your Organs.

A friend was telling me about a number of her friends who were having stressful health problems. These health problems seem to be very severe and in some cases life treating.

My friend was wondering how come these stressful discomforts were discover in these late stages?

We have a natural tendency to protect ourselves and our privacy. This protection is generally about the external rather than the internal.

The external is about the way you dress, act, speak and you are careful in your actions. On the inside however when you have the stress of tightness in the chest, pains and discomfort you tend to hope they will go away. Intellectually you understand that you need to address these issues but you tend to ignore these stressful discomforts.

This behavior creates havoc on your internal organs i.e. the heart which can break down when it becomes overloaded. This can results in Dis ease.

Relax and release the stress on your organs and your organs will allow you to enjoy vibrant health and relation in the midst of the stresses of daily living.

Cecil McIntosh
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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Relax And Celebrate Your Stressful Transitions.

It is the beginning of spring and the once dormant bulbs are now beginning to show their beauty. Like the bulbs you're also making the transition from winter to spring clothing. If you not in a country that experiences the four seasons of Spring Summer, Fall and Winter then you may experience other changes.

You may experience changes in your health, job, relationship, and finances. These changes can sometimes happen simultaneously, where you may have health challenges, stress on the job, conflicts in your relationships and not enough money to pay the unexpected bills.

So how do you handle the stresses that clog up your head and cause you to have blurry thinking?

You maybe be consumed by the stresses of life and be unaware of your choices or you may be aware of your problems.

If you are unaware, sooner or later you may notice physical symptoms like a swollen finger or become aware of pain or discomfort in some part of your body.

If you are aware of your problem you may want to celebrate the stressful situation as merely an opportunity for you to enjoy the transitions in life.

You may wonder what kind of idiotic suggestion is this. If you are thinking along these line then I have a simple exercise for you.

I want you to look back in your life right now and become aware of the most difficult situation, you have ever experienced in life and notice that you found a solution to that problem.

Let this be a reminder to you that no matter how difficult the situation, there has always and will always be a solution to your most difficult stressful problem .

So maybe now you understand how you can Relax and celebrate your stressful transitions.

Cecil McIntosh
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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Relax And Enjoy Celebrating Mother's Day.

Mother's day is a day to relax and remember your birth. It is a time to be reminded of the profound ways in which your mother (biological or not) has influenced your life.

However, do you consider mother's day a stressful event or a glorious celebration?

If you feel pressured by yourself or others to acknowledge mothers's day, it can be stressful.

It can also be stressful if you have to put too much effort into the celebration. Maybe you may want to be like the 'Joneses' and you are never satisfied with your situation thus wanting to do something about it at any costs.

It is like giving birth. Some experiences are painful, long and difficult while others can be effortless.

Today in celebrating mother's day you can either choose the stressful approach (which is painful and difficult) or you can relax and enjoy celebrating mother's day.


Cecil McIntosh
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Relax Take A break And Celebrate More Often.

A student was telling me that he was looking forward to his two weeks holiday.

I also discovered that he really worked hard all year and this was his time to take a break, relax and get away from all the stresses of the world. If you look forward to your two weeks holiday and you anticipate this as your break, what happens to the other 50 weeks of the year?

Maybe you stress out for 50 weeks in order to take a two week break. Then when you return from holiday, you may need a another holiday to relax from your two week break. It is like burning the candle at both ends which can be very stressful.

Have you considered some of the simple things in life like taking a RELAXING walk, swinging on the swings or listening to the birds?

If you were to begin to notice these simple things, you may understand and experience the feeling of relaxation when you listen, take a break and celebrate life more often.

Cecil McIntosh
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Friday, April 29, 2005

Relax And Listen To Your Children

Children need to perceive their parents are someone who will listen to them so that they can feel relaxed.

Children give us hints in many ways. Some two year olds throw temper tantrums because they perceive that no one is listening. I guess as parents some of us are too busy and stressed out to listen.

A friend told me about a young lady who had a young child. When the young lady came home she would rush to the bathroom, but she would forget to change her son's diaper. Consequently the young child was only expressing it's feelings of discomfort by kicking up a fuss through actions of screaming and shouting in order to get attention.

As the young child gets older they may ask questions and as parents you may hear but not answer. Children need to be acknowledged so that they have the feeling that they have been listen to. Otherwise they will continue to seek an avenue that matches the desire to have the attention satisfied. Is like the period at the end of a sentence. If you have a very long paragraph with no periods then you have a long run-on sentence. Very stressful and difficult to relax when reading.

When my children were younger I had 3 rules.

Rule # 1, is that if I did not answer their questions, they had permission to remind me that I gave them permission to ask me questions.

The problem is that some questions ask of parents are difficult to answer because we were never really trained to be parents.

Rule # 2, When ever I was asked a question by my children to which I did not have an answer I would tell my children that I will think about it and get back to them by a specific date. This technique gave me some breathing room and helped me to be in a less stressful state of mind.

Rule # 3, One of my children told me to tell her "maybe" if I did not have any answer. She explained that "maybe " to her was hope that she would get what she wanted.

Children need to feel as though their parents are listening to them. It helps them "empty" their though and feeling rather than letting them bottling up and exploding like fire crackers.

If children feel that they are not listened too, then their behavior can become focused towards getting the necessary attention at any cost.

You may hear what your children have said but you may be too busy doing other things for example, watching television. Because their perception is that you are not listening although you can repeat everything that they have said.

When talking with your children you need to find the time to always look them in the eye so that they do not feel as though you are always too busy to find time for them.

Now perhaps you have a better understanding of what is meant by "relax and listen to your children."

Cecil McIntosh
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Relax And Stay Focused On Your Bird's Nest

Two days ago it was a beautiful relaxing warm spring day as I was walking in a conservation area.

I am an amateur bird watcher. I met two people who are very knowledgeable of the various species of birds and who are always gracious in sharing their knowledge about the various species of birds we observe. So I call them my bird teachers.

One of my bird teachers enjoys taking relaxing walks looking for birds nest. So he makes it a habit of checking out all birds nest through his binoculars.

When we met, he excitedly took me back to a spot to investigate a birds nest. We discovered that the birds nest was not a nest but an "Eastern screech-owl". This owl has a bright rusty or grey plumage and can easily be mistaken for a birds nest.

So as I continue to walk with one of my bird teachers he continued to excitedly explore birds nest. His enthusiasm was contagiously relaxing.

Some people may say you are lucky. Others may say it is just dumb luck but the reality is that if you are consistently focused in your daily activity you will be successful in you endeavors without stress.

I was reminded again that you need to be focused on something. If you simply relax and constantly focus on your bird's nest sooner or later you will discover a gem.

Cecil McIntosh
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Relax And Enjoy The Moment

I was walking in a conservation area and I became aware of the sweet sound of the songs of the birds as they sang from the trees.

The birds all seem so content and happy and I also noticed the ducks really enjoying the water.

Then I met some people, the first person complained about how hot it was. The second person wondered how soon we would have some rain. The third person wished me a wonderful day.

I am wondering what you do or say on a daily basic?

Are you like the first, second and third person?

The first person was stressing out about the weather. The second person wanted to change the weather. The third person was relaxed like the birds and the ducks, just content with the weather as it was at the moment.

Now you can choose to relax and enjoy the moment or not.

Cecil McIntosh
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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Relax And "Mind Your Own Business."

Do you behave as though you are the centre of the universe?

What this often means is that you think you are responsible for taking care of everybody and fixing their complications and/or problems.

There are obvious positives and negatives to this situation.

One of the positives is that you are always busy and the centre of attention. You are also a very good problem solver.

One of the negatives to this situation is that everybody knows that you are good at problem solving and therefore leaves most things up to you because you are very efficient at solving stressful or negative situations.

This position creates all kinds of stressful situations for you, because people are not perceived by you to be as perceptive and efficient as you are. Therefore you feel this gives you the license to fix everybody's problems.

Eventually, you will discover that you have no time for yourself because of the stress of solving other people's problems. The stress of your perceived incompetence of others will also begin to weigh heavily on you and your health. As your patience wavers, and you begin to get more and more irritable, you may begin to notice that people do not really need you to solve their problems and may even begin to ignore you.

I have seen people in my private practice hit depression and commence medications because they thought that other people needed them to solve their problems.

So now you may have a better understanding of what is meant by relax and "mind your own business."

Cecil McIntosh
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Friday, April 15, 2005

Relax And Keep Your Eye On The Blocks.

If you are playing a game and getting "beaten up", how can you take a licking and keep on ticking?

You can give up and surrender or you can fight back.

Giving up and surrendering is easy but fighting back requires effort.

Now if effort means to you that the task is difficult, then I can guarantee you that you are going to give up and end up surrendering because you believe that all efforts are difficult.

If however, you feel that you can fight back, you will only be a success if you employ the strategy of coming back one moment at a time.

It is like putting building blocks in place one block at a time so that you have a solid foundation.

Generally speaking in our desire to do things quickly we tend to ignore the building blocks and fight back without a game plan. This approach is stressful and suicidal because you are adopting a "helter skelter" approach without a purpose.

Unfortunately,we are not even aware most of the time that this is a pattern of our behavior.

If you apply a block by block system approach then you can come back in any situation .Yes you are going to have some challenges and stressful situations to deal with but this is all part of your growth.

In the end you will discover that by keeping you eye on the blocks (block by block), you will achieve you goal.

Cecil McIntosh
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